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Everyone has the capacity to be resilient. Trauma is inevitable in life. People die, relationships break down, accidents happen, serious illness randomly afflicts healthy and unhealthy people alike. Most people seem to be able to bounce back from most trauma most of the time.  In these pages we will explore how they do it.

Whatever has happened to you, you can get over it.  It may not feel like that right now.  You might not even want to.  But you can choose to.  That’s not to say that you will be the same as you were before, or even that you will ever fully accept what has happened.  But it is possible for you to recover and to find good things can emerge from your experiences, even the worst of them.

The content of these pages is drawn from personal experiences, professional experiences in social work and psychotherapy, anecdotes and research. Because of the personal nature of much of the content anecdotal contributions are anonymous but public and research sources will be referenced.

There seems to be two preconditions for personal resilience. During difficult times: Can you look after yourself physically and emotionally? And can you seek and accept help if you need it?

For children, who by definition are less able to care for themselves, the precondition seems to be is there one person in that child’s life who they can trust and who cares about them?

For an organisation to be healthy it needs to have quality management, good staff morale and the ability to respond flexibly to a changing world.

This website is dedicated to the memory of those for whom resilience remained beyond reach.

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